vendredi 14 octobre 2011

An emotive mum

I'm a mum like all the others,
but different in one way.
I don' have a broken leg,
no cancer,
no AIDS,
I'm just broken in my emotions.

As I was little,
a lot of things went wrong,
and even if I know today,
that everything that my parents did,
they didn't do it,
because they don't love me,
but it's an accident of life,
there is still a hole in my soul.

Today it's me the mum,
it's not an illness,
but I'm broken in my emotions,
will I be a good mum?

A lot of questions are going throught my head!
What will I say to my children?
What will I teach them?
Sometimes to be a mum makes me frightened.

The only I can see is,
that my children look at me,
they love this mum,
even if she's chaotique and very emotive!

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