vendredi 30 novembre 2012

End of the World Dec. 21.12.2012?

Hello my friends,
I'm going to write this chapter in english, because I want that a majority of you understands. Perhaps this topic is going to be important, so don't laugh and better listen! There is a danger on Dec. 21th, but it will perhaps come, because of the stupidity of man!
Today in the library they have told me, that they are talking about Dec. 21th. The internet is full of messages.
So I will use my blog to philosophate a little bit about this topic with you! Perhaps I will write something in french and in german also.
So, what do I have to say? And how I came to the conclusion, that the end of the world will be because of human stupidity?
They say, that the Mayas had predicted the end of the world at this date. But this is wrong! I've read an article, that in fact scientifics had found the old scripts of the Mayas, they have brought them to Germany and  there was an error of traduction: they have traduced a for the rest they were not sure of what it means.
On the other side there is the theory of Zacharia Sitchin. In his book he is talking about the planet x or Nibiru, that will enter in collision with the earth. Sitchin was criticized as a false scietific. Here is a site of Wikipedia:

The media win a lot of money with this rumour. The film "2012" was a succes!

On the other side, people were always frightened to die, always suppersticious. We all need to believe in something. The crisis, the wars and suffering makes peple affraid, so we want to believe in the end of the world.
Nostradamus, The Apocalypsis, John of Jerusalem and other philosophers and prophets have predicted something, but the end of one world, that will be destroit for a good reason: because man will destroy it, because of his behavour! But each of this philosophers gives us hope: Man will learn of his mistakes, after a lot of wars, after a lot of suffering and he will build a new world, like he has done it in the past.

The human superstition has often been a reason of war. It can be good, but it also can be bad: haven't people not often burn up girls as "witches" in the name of God? Haven't we killed other people, because we thaught that they had the devil inside?
If this is religion... I don't want to be a Christian anymore!
Nostradamous has talked in his quatrains of religious wars: this ones that already take place between muslims and christians and also in Israel between muslims and jews. Everything is a question of money and power!

There are a lot of theories about the end of the world.

Me, I have also one: On Dec.21th internet will break down, because a lot of people want to  say their last "hello"! Internet and computers had already break down in the year 2000 because of a bug or an error.
It is more the behavour of man, that makes me afraid, not a catastrophie of nature or a cosmic catastrophie!